Aliens Love Underpants!, Clare Freedman & Ben Cort

What is it about?: World domination isn’t on the agenda for these pant-pilfering extra-terrestrials! Dotty, stripy, frilly and silly, aliens love them all and find some inventive ways to wear and play with them! This engaging and fantastically bonkers book is the perfect book to get children into rhyming and is bound to be a favourite for younger children!

Age range: 3-6 years old

The Space Train, Maudie Powell-Truck & Karl James Mountford

What is it about?: Many light years from Earth, on a space station far, far away lives a little boy, Jakob and his beloved Granny. But Jakob has a secret- he’s found the long-lost space train! But the train has seen better days. It’s old and battered and broken. Jakob decides to fix it but he’s going to need all the help Granny and his pet robot chicken, Derek can give him. Can they restore the Space Train to its former glory? Kooky and wonderfully illustrated by Karl James Mountford, this newly released book promises children an out of this world experience and a wild ride of the intergalactic kind!

Age range: 3-6 years old

The Way Back Home, Oliver Jeffers

What is it about?: Oliver Jeffers’ young protagonist is a little boy who finds a plane in a cupboard and decides to take off on his own adventure. Flying higher and higher into the sky, he whizzes past clouds and stars and planets. But he goes to high and too fast and crashes into the moon! Marooned on the moon and miles from Earth, he feels very lonely and homesick. But then he meets another crashed pilot and with his green friend, they hatch a plan to float him down to Earth to collect his tool box. Can they pull it off in time? Will they ever get home? This down-to-earth picture book is utterly spell-binding and sure to be a favourite with fans of Lost and Found.

Age range: 3-6 years old

How To Be An Astronaut and Other Space Jobs, Dr Sheila Kanani & Sol Linero

What is it about?: Ever dreamt of being an astronaut? Then this is the book for you! This jam-packed guide to everything space is the perfect read for any budding astronaut, engineer or rocket scientist, choc full to the brim with everything you could possibly want to know about space exploration, astrology and even aliens! How do astronauts shower in zero gravity? What do astronauts eat? What happens during a rocket launch? These questions and more are answered in Dr Sheila’s comprehensive and wonderfully colourful book for kids!

Age range: 7-10 years old

Harriet Versus The GalaxySamantha Baines

What is it about?: Talk about encounters of the third kind, you’ve never read a book quite like this! After discovering that her family work for a top secret, intergalactic agency and realising that she is the only person on Earth that can understand the alien invaders, it’s up to Harriet and her hearing aid to defend the home world from intergalactic invasion! The brainchild of multi-award winning, hearing aid wearing comedian, actor and author Samantha Baines, this newly released debut novel’s exciting premise and endearing protagonist are sure to take off in a big way!

Age range: 8-11 years old

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