As a parent or carer, it can feel challenging to think of ways to entertain your children over the holidays. We’ve created some interactive activities that you can do with your child to help support their Literacy learning and most importantly have FUN!

Shopping can be a great way to capture learning and both a trip to the supermarket or an online order can help children work on their literacy skills.

Shopping List

Ask your child to write down some items you need to buy at the supermarket. When you are at the supermarket ask your child to help find the items you need, paying attention to the sounds of the word. Read words on signs, labels and packets. Draw attention to any images on the packets.

If ordering online, ask your child to type the product required in the search bar. Read the information available onscreen and look at the product details and images.

Children could also create their own shopping list for a treat night and choose a few things they might like to eat. Your child could then write the list and hunt for the items at the supermarket.

Supermarket Bingo

Can your child find each of these items and tick them off the list.


Become a Chef for the Day

Recipes are a great way to build confidence in reading and following instructions and also you get to eat something tasty at the end of all the hard work!

Create or find a recipe to follow. Help your child to read the ingredients and then make a list of what items are needed. Go to the supermarket to locate and buy the ingredients and then return home to start cooking! Follow the instructions on the recipe and enjoy eating the result.


Children love it when their parents play with them and praise them. Use these positive, encouraging statements with your child.

Well done for trying so hard!

You can do it!

I like the way you sounded out that word

You did really well remembering how to spell that word.

I can see you have been practising your writing and it is really improving!

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