As a parent or carer, it can feel challenging to think of ways to entertain your children over the holidays. We’ve created some interactive activities that you can do with your child to help support their Literacy learning and most importantly have FUN!

Taking learning outside makes it more memorable for children and takes them away from the traditional table and chair set up they are used to – they might not even notice they are learning! Being outside also creates opportunities for lots of movement and exercise, as well as a large dose of fresh air which keeps our brains alert.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a hugely popular game for both children and adults — which makes it a perfect outdoor activity for the whole family. The game is simple: choose a location and create a list of things to find. Children can help write the list and practice their phonics and handwriting skills at the same time. Items could include a leaf, a flower, a feather, a swing, a slide etc. Children can then read the list and locate the items in the park. If the weather is bad, you can still think of items to find inside!

High Frequency Words / Tricky Words / Phonics Sounds Football

Place letters, sounds or words that children need to learn on a set of cones or even just pieces of paper around the park (use a stone to hold the paper in place if needed). Your child reads the sound or word and then kicks the cone down or aims the ball at the piece of paper.

I Spy the Sound

‘I Spy the Sound’ is a fun way to build phonics skills and phonemic awareness. In this variation of the classic game, ‘I Spy’, ask your child to spy words that begin with a certain sound, rather than a letter. For example, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘mmm’”.

Sensory Walk

Going on a walk with your child not only provides rich opportunities for learning, it’s also a great way to encourage your child to concentrate on noticing the places they’re walking in – they might even discover new things in every day places that they have never noticed before! We have included a worksheet template for you to use on your walk. It helps if you make several stops for children to do the writing.

Download the worksheet template here.


Children love it when their parents play with them and praise them. Use these positive, encouraging statements with your child.

Well done for trying so hard!

You can do it!

I like the way you sounded out that word

You did really well remembering how to spell that word.

I can see you have been practising your writing and it is really improving!

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